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Mermaid. Goddess. Wild Moon Woman – Allow me to reintroduce Myself


Into the late hours of last night, under the luminous glow of the Taurus full moon I danced, I shook, I sang, I reflected, I released, I embraced and I gave thanks. Today I awoke even more cemented into the light being that I AM. So I decided to indulge and celebrate by dancing again and taking a dip in the waters which last night had been bathed in the full moon’s glow and was now enjoying the Sun’s rays.

And now, after a year filled with adventure, laughter, wonder, love, happiness, successes, joy, and most definitely my own personal torments—of sorrow, pain, disappointments, failed auditions, financial concerns, tears, existential crises, creative despair, heartache, lost self, borderline depression, confronting my shadow side—allow me to introduce you to the Phoenix who has emerged from the flames; to the light being who has crawled her way out of a painful but extremely necessary darkness. Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Mermaid. Goddess. Warrior. A Divine being, unafraid to confront, face and then gently embrace my shadow side again and again and again—as many times as needed to continually transcend and ascend. A Wild Moon Woman with a Sun-Kissed Glow who delights in dance meditation—under the full moon; beneath the blazing sun; or within in the comfort of my safe spaces. A powerful manifestor and co-creator with universe/source who is stepping more and more into her power. A soul on a magical journey; finding my way back home. A channel, a medium, an intuitive with a powerful connection to source, who is unafraid to delve deeper. A divine feminine. A beautiful barefoot dreamer who loves to let her inner child run free and delight in play, time in nature, the sea and creativity (music, theatre, art). A mindful and conscious individual who believes in herbal healing; who is transitioning fully to a plant-based, natural lifestyle. A traveller. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A softie. An intense feeler. A giver who is becoming more comfortable with the art of receiving. A being who is gaining greater momentum in the arts of trusting the universe more; of surrender; of allowing; of flow; of letting go. 


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Easing my way back to Happy

How do you find your way back to peace when you feel turmoil inside? 

Last Friday, I woke up feeling slightly tense and a tinge of sadness. I had recently gone through some challenging life experiences, so I was immediately able to recognize those were lingering feelings related to this experience.

In that moment of assessing my internal and physical body as I still layed nestled between the sheets, I knew I had to make a decision which would set the pace for my entire day. I had to self soothe in order to get myself back to a state of calm.

I am not an advocate for false positivity; so I began first by acknowledging how I felt and letting my inner self know that it was ok to feel these feelings. (So often we judge ourselves for having what we perceive as negative feelings which only creates more inner turmoil; so honouring how I feel in any given moment is important.)

Then I asked myself, what do you need in this moment that will make you feel even 5% better or 1% better? What’s one thing you can do right now to soothe your inner being and quiet ego and the inner critic?

Lately, I have been exploring dance meditation and hmm it is so powerful. I knew in this moment that a dance meditation session would help. (The concept of dance meditation as a means of connecting with higher self and universe came to me from reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Witch of Portobello”. )

So after lovingly acknowledging and honouring the feelings, I thanked them for coming up to show me areas that still need to be healed. After that I got out of bed, put on my favorite Goddess dance meditation music on YouTube, grabbed my musical (shak-shak) egg, closed my eyes and danced around—letting the music envelope me. 

I ended with a yoga Sun Salutation that I had learnt from Yoga With JA (instagram: @yogawithja). After that I made myself a wonderful breakfast and indulged while listening to my Goddess Empowerment playlist on Spotify!

To say I felt empowered and at peace is an understatement. I went on to have an amazing day which included a photoshoot in nature in Martinique as preparation for an amazing music project Im here working on. 😬😬

What about you? On this can you easily identify practices that work for you to ease you back to a better feeling place? How do you self-soothe? What’s one thing you can do in moments when you feel less than or down, to raise your vibration?

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Leap so you can SOAR!

I remember it vividly. Sitting at my work-station. My heart pounding. Sweat beaded down my face. I sat frozen in front of the computer screen as my mind whirled and my inner voice of panic grew louder and louder.

“I did it. I really did it. I resigned. Oh. My. God! OH MY GOD! Did I really just resign? I resigned! Oh my God, I can’t take this back. I’m really giving it all up in full pursuit of a music and writing career,  to live the life I’ve dreamed of.” Continue reading Leap so you can SOAR!