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Launching Bad Girls Anthem Music Video

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Although the music track for Bad Girls Anthem, which was produced by Rawl “Rossi” Alcide of Déjà vu studios was released in 2011, it wasn’t until end of 2014, thanks to funding from the video stimulus package presented by Creative Industries, that I was able to embark on a music video project for this edgy riveting pop track.

Working with All Biz Media, with director Guillaume Rico and Bradley Lacan on this music video project was so much fun. I remember how the two had waved off my initial storyboard concept for the music video as not fitting for that song! Hearing their idea, which included whips, chains, candle wax and a high-tech super-hero lair where I would locate perpetrators, I was more than a little excited!


What made the music video project even more special for me, was the fact that I was able to be garbed in attire designed by my long-time friend, Shenelle Jaunaii of Jaunaii Clothing. Back in our days at St Joseph’s Convent, while I’d speak of my dreams of being a world-renowned music artiste and performer, Shen would create clothing designs. We’d often joke about me wearing her designs on the red carpet. So to be able to wear her designs, which were sewed by local seamstress Uris, was, to me, an ode of things to come; of us realizing our fearless teenage dreams!


And so in January, thanks to sponsors, JP Chenet (through distributor,  Saint Lucia Distillers, Azuk Events and Chef Pascal, the launch party for Bad Girls Anthem Music Video was held at Keebees Sports Bar & Grill  in Rodney Bay.

It was a spectacular event and I was truly touched and warmed by the monumental level of support which I received. I am truly thankful to the sponsors, Creative Industries, JP Chenet, Saint Lucia Distillers, Azuk Creatives, Chef Pascal, the management of Keebees, All Biz Media and Nicole McDonald who greatly assisted with the planning of the event.


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