“Music is ingrained in me, my passion, the deepest expression of my soul and I can no longer restrain it!”


Unique. Passionate. Soulful. Real. Chrycee is undeniably mesmeric. Her enthralling voice, emotive lyrics, vivacious personality and distinctively chic style captivate, as she immerses her listeners in a spellbinding musical memoir.

Melodious heartfelt sounds that pulsate through every crevice of one’s being; touching heart and soul; soothing into sheer bliss—that is the epitome of Chrycee’s music!

img_1284-cover-page-pics-optionHailing from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Chrycee’s love affair with music began at an early age. Growing up with a DJ father, she was constantly surrounded by music; so it’s no wonder that even when she was just a tot, she’d take centre-stage in
her family living room—remote control mic in hand—singing along to the voices of internationally-acclaimed artists! In time Chrycee transitioned from living room performances to school talent shows, and at age 15, she began to regularly sing solo at church. Filled with melodies of her own and a burning desire to express herself through poetry and lyrics, it was also around this time that Chrycee started nurturing her songwriting talent.

Years later Chrycee nationally released her first original music single, “Handle It”—a bold witty dance track which challenged male bravado. What has since transpired can only described as a whirlwind of music success.  Determined each day to breathe life into her dreams and to live her passion Chrycee is certainly leaving her signature mark in regional and international markets.

In 2014, she performed at the Tobago Jazz Experience, opening for Music icons, Keyshia Cole and Earth Wind and Fire at the 2014 Tobago Jazz Experience.  In 2015 after a riveting launch of her Honest Musings Album, Chrycee executed a multi-city music promotional tour in the United States, performing in Houston, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Florida.  Meanwhile, in 2016 Chrycee took to the Hollywood Los Angeles stage; first in February as part of the performance cast for a Pre-Grammy production, hosted by 5-time Grammy Winning Producer, Devine Evans; then in May, performing at the Study, in Hollywood Boulevard, California.  She is also a writing contributor in Devine Evans’ book, Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter.

A self-professed Beautiful Dreamer, Chrycee vibrates positivity, happiness and excitement, boldly pursuing her passion. She refuses to limit herself to restrictive thinking. Rather she moves through every-day with the understanding that anything is possible!