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#Go-Getter – Gaining Media Exposure in Barbados

Go Getter! A phrase, which by my own estimation, clearly describes me!

Standing at the registration table for the Caribbean Music Summit in Barbados, at the corner of my eyes, I noticed a gentleman with a camera. Instantly my interest was piqued and just like in the cartoons a light-bulb flashed over my head! Excitedly I thought to myself, “There’s media here… wouldn’t it be great if during my stay in Barbados I would be able to get media interviews?”

And with that thought planted in my head, I put on my best and brightest smile and politely introduced music as a music artiste from Saint Lucia, to the gentleman, and without hesitation asked whether he would be interested in conducting a video interview with me for his media house. I got a yes, which fueled my momentum to approach the other media houses present at the Caribbean Music Summit.

Proudly I can report that in the three-day period which I spent in Barbados for the summit I had the honour of receiving feature interviews with three media houses–Barbados Today, Loop News Barbados, and the popular daytime talkshow, The Mix aired on CBC, simply because I was bold enough to ask!

Beautiful Dreamers Lesson: Be able to Boldly Move Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams and Don’t be afraid to ask! You never know what opportunities await you, if you try!

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