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Honest Musings Album Release


Perhaps one of the proudest moments of my career to date, was the April 2015 release of my 6-track Extended Play Album, Honest Musings which is currently available for purchase on all major digital music stores and streaming services, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more!

While for the most part my music creations are drawn from experience, Honest Musings is perhaps my most personal. Honest Musings tells the story of one of the most heart wrenching situations which I went through in my life, the effects of that situation, and how I vowed to make changes in the way I view and approach romantic relationships, in the hopes of never feeling that level of pain again. (To be honest, I can’t say at this point whether that view will change, but my personal vow to myself as a beautiful dreamer is to embrace life and all its ups and downs , and live a life filled with passion and happiness.)
To say that I was overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation at my ability to officially release Honest Musings with a live performance event and album launch party at Fire Grill Steak House & Lounge, is an understatement!

Having JP Chenet (distributed by St Lucia Distillers) and Azuk Events and Teige LaBorde once again sponsor a Chrycee Musique event; Having the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) inc) added as an event sponsor; Performing the Honest Musings songs live before a large audience at Fire Grill, which turned on a Thursday evening, to support my latest venture, mean so much to me, and to my mind signifies that as beautiful dreamers, if we continuously work hard, aiming high and try, so much more than we imagined and dreamed is possible.

You can purchase your copy of Honest Musings, or your favourite track from the album on iTunes HERE


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