Chrycee Presents Journey


Swim in my waters. Walk through my fire. Join me, Chrycee – MERFireGoddess of SelfLove & Orgasmic Bliss — on a specially curated 3-Dimensional Journey of LIVE Music, ART and Healing Expression. Fully immerse your being to ignite the deepening of your own Orgasmic Bliss. 

There is a Minimum Offering of US$3.33 (EC$9.00) required to Access Dimension I – Live Soul Music Performance. No offering required to access Dimensions II & III but if you feel moved to donate to these, you can increase your offering amount from US$3.33.

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Event line up:

Dimension I – Journey: The AWAKENING of a MerFireGoddess

A Live Roots & SOUL Music and Expressive Art Experience.

Tune in as MerFireGoddess Chrycee takes you on a musical journey of her Awakening. Ease in to this EXCLUSIVE, first listen as Chrycee’s heartfelt melodies, soothing harmonies and the pulsating roots reggae rhythms of yet-to-be-released and NEVER-Before performed songs soothe you to another plane.

Virtual Stream begins at 5:55pm

Showtime: 6:06pm (EST)

There is a minimum offering of US$3.33 (EC$9.00) for Dimension I. Upon processing, you’ll receive a secret link and password to the live stream.


Dimension II – Divine Reflections & Honest Musings (#REALTalk) 

Divine Reflections – Guided MirrorPlay for deeper Self-Love & Orgasmic Bliss.

Start time: 7:07pm 

For this 15-minute session please have a portable or handheld mirror near. If possible please also create a serene sacred space for yourself.

Honest Musings #RealTalk 

The Way of Being of a newly ignited MERFireGoddess: How deepened spirituality, self love, a vow to SOUL-ly and Solely following my bliss and complete surrender to Divine flow is leading me to Create LIFE Fully my own Design

Start time: 7:27pm 

Access Dimension II from 7:00pm on August 8, 2020 HERE. (Google Meet App required)


Dimension III – FIRE ART – illuminate, envision & create your HIGHER SELF

Bask in the fires’ glow, and allow the specially curated sounds to take you to a higher plane as you envision yourself in TRUE unencumbered FULLNESS.

Who do you aspire to be? What would you call in and embody if you were free from fear and lovingly following your bliss? Let your canvas or papers come alive with the highest expression of yourself.

For this session you’ll need: 

 – At least one pack of tea-lights candles or any other candles or your choice (but be sure to have enough to light up a dark room space) 

– Your preferred visual art mediums—-paint, pencils, crayons, charcoal, paper or canvas

Access Dimension III from 8:00pm on August 8, 2020 HERE. (Google Meet App required)

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