Mermaid. Goddess. Wild Moon Woman – Allow me to reintroduce Myself

Into the late hours of last night, under the luminous glow of the Taurus full moon I danced, I shook, I sang, I reflected, I released, I embraced and I gave thanks. Today I awoke even more cemented into the light being that I AM. So I decided to indulge and celebrate by dancing again and taking a dip in the waters which last night had been bathed in the full moon’s glow and was now enjoying the Sun’s rays.

And now, after a year filled with adventure, laughter, wonder, love, happiness, successes, joy, and most definitely my own personal torments—of sorrow, pain, disappointments, failed auditions, financial concerns, tears, existential crises, creative despair, heartache, lost self, borderline depression, confronting my shadow side—allow me to introduce you to the Phoenix who has emerged from the flames; to the light being who has crawled her way out of a painful but extremely necessary darkness. Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Mermaid. Goddess. Warrior. A Divine being, unafraid to confront, face and then gently embrace my shadow side again and again and again—as many times as needed to continually transcend and ascend. A Wild Moon Woman with a Sun-Kissed Glow who delights in dance meditation—under the full moon; beneath the blazing sun; or within in the comfort of my safe spaces. A powerful manifestor and co-creator with universe/source who is stepping more and more into her power. A soul on a magical journey; finding my way back home. A channel, a medium, an intuitive with a powerful connection to source, who is unafraid to delve deeper. A divine feminine. A beautiful barefoot dreamer who loves to let her inner child run free and delight in play, time in nature, the sea and creativity (music, theatre, art). A mindful and conscious individual who believes in herbal healing; who is transitioning fully to a plant-based, natural lifestyle. A traveller. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A softie. An intense feeler. A giver who is becoming more comfortable with the art of receiving. A being who is gaining greater momentum in the arts of trusting the universe more; of surrender; of allowing; of flow; of letting go. 


I am ALL of the above and yet so much more AND still discovering! Being it all promises to be a hell of a ride. Come along if you want. But to do so you must be willing to shed, to shake, to release; to recognize & accept the God/Goddess that you are and be unafraid to embrace and own your power . Are you with me?

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