Dive in & Unearth Your Fear

Sometimes the root of our procrastination is fear!

I recently came to this realization; that even as the bold go-getter that I am, there exists within me a level of fear which has caused me to waiver a bit when it comes to doing  some of the things I have planned.

But I’m ready to Dive In! To Unearth that Fear! Stare it in the face and overcome! Are you with me, Beautiful Dreamers?



Leap so you can SOAR!

_MG_0357 - soar3I remember it vividly. Sitting at my work-station. My heart pounding. Sweat beaded down my face. I sat frozen in front of the computer screen as my mind whirled and my inner voice of panic grew louder and louder.

“I did it. I really did it. I resigned. Oh. My. God! OH MY GOD! Did I really just resign? I resigned! Oh my God, I can’t take this back. I’m really giving it all up in full pursuit of a music and writing career,  to live the life I’ve dreamed of.”

My body was abuzz with excitement but trust me I was scared beyond belief!!

My mind took me on a not-so positive journey. One filled with concerns, worries and doubt. My heart rate intensified as I began think and worrying about finances and my ability to maintain the life I had grown accustomed to. To pay my bills; my rent. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I didn’t earn enough and I had to give up my apartment, ask a friend to move in, sell my stuff… why give up a steady attractive income for a risk? For a Gamble?!

But my fear and those scary questions were quieted with this one thought “What if it all works out?”

With this thought came more counter positive thoughts: “What if I use the fear of all of these horrible possible outcomes to light a fire within myself, to ensure I work as hard as I can, to go above and beyond, to find the opportunities that exist? What if I use my determination to not let any of those fears become a reality to push me further? Don’t I believe in myself? My talent? My ability? Aren’t I and my dreams of living the life I’ve always imagined worth the Gamble? Worth the Risk? Don’t I trust that I am willing to work hard enough, to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed in order to achieve what I believe I can and so much more?”

Beautiful Dreamer, it’s now 8 months since I personally took what the biggest leap of my life—to date anyway. And I can’t tell you that those 8 months have not have any difficult times, or times when I was not wrought with worry or concern. Truthfully if I have to be totally honest with you, as I write at this very moment I’m in a worrywart phase. But I can adamantly and vehemently tell you that I do not regret taking that leap–not one bit! Without doubt, over the past 8 months I have felt the most fulfilled than I have ever truly felt, because I have been actively working towards achieving a dream and a passion that burns deeply within my soul.

Moreover, so much—oh so much—has happened beyond my wildest dreams and plans over those 8 months. For example who would have thought I would have been a featured published writing contributor, sharing my advice and experience, in a book project by a 5-time Grammy Winning Producer and Music Professional, Devine Evans, entiled “Sheet Music: The Diary of A Songwriter.  Or that I would have been an official part of a Pre-Grammy event in Hollywood? Acting on stage, even if it was for a few minutes? And singing in a choir that backed up Janelle Monae’s girl group?

Now, imagine if I had let fear get the better of me 8 months ago? I’m almost certain that half of these wonderful experiences and opportunities which I have had over the past 8 months would have not been a reality. Rather, it’s more likely that I’d be sitting at my workstation, still dreaming of the what-if.

It is indeed true that in order to achieve the extraordinary you must be willing to take that leap. And when you do it will open up a host of possibilities and opportunities you wouldn’t even have thought of!

Beautiful Dreamer, trust me when I say: When you finally decide to take that Leap, you will be amazed just how much and how far you will Soar!



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#EmbracingNewOpportunties! Determined Chrycee

My US Promotional Tour was now over, but my drive and hunger to achieve as much as possible was now intensified. Giddy and reeling from the tour’s success I decided to extend my stint in the US and pursue every opportunity I could, in order to development myself and my music career.

me at sync summit

Vocal Coaching! Dance Lessons! Attendance at the 2015 Hollywood Sync Summit in Santa Monica California, where I was able to team up with a guitar player Mark Tyson and showcase a live acoustic set at the Sync Summit.

(As I write, I’m aware that Sync Summit is having an incredible sale on its US 2016 events ! So if you are a songwriter, composer, or an independent artist interested in learning more about synchronization licensing, this is your opportunity to attend Sync Summit at an incredible price. Offer Valid until December 31, 2015. Visit www.syncsummit.com for more details)

Being able to belt a few original Chrycee Musique tunes for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board in New York, accompanied by St Lucian guitarist Roger Edmunds. Grooving on stage at a Miami carnival event–Yes carnival! Sharing the same stage with Romain Virgo at Monroe College’s first ever ReggaeFest in New Rochelle New York, organized in collaboration with VP Records. Having my music single Hooked, from my Honest Musings album, distributed by VP Associated Label (VPAL Music). Embracing a new experience of Caroling on Times Square.

hooked album artperforming at monroe college

me for tourist board






Master Pass 17 (2)

me at milk river







Radio Interviews with VP Records’ Chat Bout on Reggae Flame Station. Phoning in for an interview with Blazing Flame Radio Based in Ohio. Video interview with Come Chat Wid Mi TV .

me at vp radio me at vp radio 2 come chat wid mi

Catch the promotional  clip for my interview with Come Chat Wid Mi TV, which airs on January 8, 2016,  right here! #HitPlay

Meanwhile you can purchase your copy of “Hooked” distributed by VPAL Music RIGHT HERE!

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Beautiful Dreamers Message: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”–Helen Keller.  Say Yes to New Experiences! Embrace Life and always go BOLDLY in the direction of your dreams! 


#GoGetter! Chrycee Embarks on Promotional Tour in the USA

promo tourWhere music is concerned my dream is to become a world respect artist who tours the world performing in various countries. Yet for the average Eastern-Caribbean based artiste, even with technological advances, demographics pose a challenge, especially when you do not have a huge budget to spend on marketing and promotional activities.

So when a friend made a suggestion that I look into a promotional performance in New York I was instantly excited and determined to make it a reality. Once I got the idea in my mind I though, “why just stop in New York? What if I could somehow make this a promotional Tour and perform in different states?” For me it was all about realizing the adage, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”

And so the wheels for my Promotional Music Tour in the US were set in motion. It took countless internet searches, emails, and telephone calls, but in a matter of two weeks I had received confirmation of promotional performances at four venues in three states.
Then came the next hurdle… Financing. But even though at the time funding was not yet secured, I can honestly say that I did not doubt that the promotional tour would have occurred. So with a positive spirit and unwavering determination, a strategy was devised and several institutions contacted.

Thanks to the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, Digicel Saint Lucia, My Kind of Travel and St Lucia Distillers (distributors of Chairman’s Reserve) , my Promotional Tour with the absolutely talented Dwight Florent on Guitar, and Feature Performances by St Lucia’s energetic EDM artiste, The Mecca was made a reality!

I take this opportunity to express deepest thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, Digicel Saint Lucia, My Kind of Travel and St Lucia Distillers distributors of Chairman’s Reserve for sharing in my the vision and coming on board without hesitation.

slu logo (2)digicel-logo my kind of travel logo chairman's logo2


Perhaps what was even more rewarding for me, was the opportunity to showcase the talents of two amazing St Lucian artisans during the promotional tour; hand-painted clothing designs by Kimberly Solana of 8ttava and hand-crafted jewelry by  Terril Nicholas of Illuminating Designs. For every performance during the promotional tour, I was adorned in creations by these amazingly talented women. Please visit their pages to view their selection of unique hand-painted attire and dazzling jewelry available just for you!

8ttava (2) Illuminating designs (2)

On August 16, 2015 I chartered into the US and the journey that has unfolded from then to now has been an one filled with new experiences, proud moments, successes, raving reviews, warm welcomes, a few stresses, some tears but ultimately an extremely fulfilling one!

First came #HoustonTexas, with a riveting acoustic performance by Dwight and I  at Café 4212.

houston performancedwight and i houston


Special thank you to Shawna Nikole Letcher of Ame Entertainment, Peter Rene, The Caribbean American Heritage Foundation of Texas (CAHFT)and the Saint Lucia Foundation of Texas for the support and assistance with Houston leg of the Promotional Tour.

ame-clear logo (2) CAHFT-Logo01 (2) saint lucia texas


After Houston, came the #NewYork leg of promotional Tour! On Saturday August 29, 2015  the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York and Chrycee Musique, presented Chrycee & The Mecca Live in Concert. Saint Lucian Pop Princess Mon Cherie made a special appearance at the event and the turn out at the Saint Lucia House in Brooklyn was phenomenal.


brooklyn dwight and i



On Display and available for sale were hand-crafted jewelry pieces by Terril Nicholas of Illuminating Designs and hand-made all natural skin-care products by Nydia Norville of Choiselle.

jewelry choiselle on display choiselle logo

I am truly grateful to Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York, Mr Julian Dubois and Mr Jeremiah Hyacinth for openly welcoming the idea of hosting a live performance at the Saint Lucia House, and for rallying around us in ensuring that it was a truly memorable night!

From there Mecca & I joined the extremely talented Michel Aubertin in Staten Island for a Sunday afternoon performance at La Marina Ti Ki Bar.

The last stop on the promotional tour was in #HollywoodFlorida when we joined the Erace the Hate Team, spearheaded by Marcano Sax; a brilliantly talented saxophone player, for a showcase performance at Ginger Bay Café. Erace the Hate is a team of individuals focused on social innovation and social change, with an ultimate view to better the welfare of people and increase peace. Visit their web-page for information on how you can be a part of this amazing movement.

me in florida mecca in florida


Beautiful Dreamers Message: “If Opportunity does not knock! Create a Door!” Anything you desire is possible if you are relentless in your pursuit of it. No goal is unreachable!  


#TheBigLeap! A New Chapter

the big leapOn June 30, 2015 I took one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life. I said good-bye to my stable full time job as a Business Development Officer at First Citizens Investment Services in order to pursue music full-time.

To say that this moved scared me, is an understatement. I still remember sitting at my desk in the office two days after I had tendered my resignation and having what could only be described as a panic attack! Fear gripped me as worst case scenarios mainly related to an inability to financially take care of myself, flooded my mind. Was this a mistake? Should I rethink this decision? Was I kidding myself thinking I can pursue this dream full-time?

Yet even amidst my fear and doubts I could not shake off the feeling of destiny and purpose which enveloped me, and the tinge of excitement and content which churned in the pit of my stomach. I realized it is ok to be scared, and to have doubts, but the trick was to use those fears to push  me to act, and to be diligent in pursuing the new path to ensure success.

Beautiful Dreamer Lesson: It is okay to have doubts and to be fearful but you must never allow that fear to cripple you, rather use the fear to push you to work your hardest to succeed! #ActDepsiteYourFear

#RadioHost? Versatility is the Game

In May 2015 I joined The Mecca as a co-host of the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights‘ Saturday Morning radio program aired on RSL, Musically Speaking.

Admittedly, I was initially a nervous about being a radio program Host. It was something I had no experience in. Doubts plagued my mind, as I worried about whether I would have been engaging enough, or whether I would be stumped on air. But still I readily accepted the challenge, and I cannot tell you how much fun and how much of a learning and growth experience the it has been over the last eight months. I am glad that I said YES to the opportunity, despite my concerns!

Musically Speaking is dedicated to discussing issues related to music rights and to highlighting the achievements of ECCO Members.
Catch the Dynamic Duo, The Mecca & I when Musically Speaking returns in the new year on Saturday January 9, 2016 from 11:00am on RSL 97, www.rslonline.com.

Beautiful Dreamer Message: “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” ― Tina Fey

musically speaking mecca and I

Honest Musings Album Release


Perhaps one of the proudest moments of my career to date, was the April 2015 release of my 6-track Extended Play Album, Honest Musings which is currently available for purchase on all major digital music stores and streaming services, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more!

While for the most part my music creations are drawn from experience, Honest Musings is perhaps my most personal. Honest Musings tells the story of one of the most heart wrenching situations which I went through in my life, the effects of that situation, and how I vowed to make changes in the way I view and approach romantic relationships, in the hopes of never feeling that level of pain again. (To be honest, I can’t say at this point whether that view will change, but my personal vow to myself as a beautiful dreamer is to embrace life and all its ups and downs , and live a life filled with passion and happiness.)
To say that I was overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation at my ability to officially release Honest Musings with a live performance event and album launch party at Fire Grill Steak House & Lounge, is an understatement!

Having JP Chenet (distributed by St Lucia Distillers) and Azuk Events and Teige LaBorde once again sponsor a Chrycee Musique event; Having the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) inc) added as an event sponsor; Performing the Honest Musings songs live before a large audience at Fire Grill, which turned on a Thursday evening, to support my latest venture, mean so much to me, and to my mind signifies that as beautiful dreamers, if we continuously work hard, aiming high and try, so much more than we imagined and dreamed is possible.

You can purchase your copy of Honest Musings, or your favourite track from the album on iTunes HERE


performing at album launchperforming at album launch 2chrycee girl

#Go-Getter – Gaining Media Exposure in Barbados

Go Getter! A phrase, which by my own estimation, clearly describes me!

Standing at the registration table for the Caribbean Music Summit in Barbados, at the corner of my eyes, I noticed a gentleman with a camera. Instantly my interest was piqued and just like in the cartoons a light-bulb flashed over my head! Excitedly I thought to myself, “There’s media here… wouldn’t it be great if during my stay in Barbados I would be able to get media interviews?”

And with that thought planted in my head, I put on my best and brightest smile and politely introduced music as a music artiste from Saint Lucia, to the gentleman, and without hesitation asked whether he would be interested in conducting a video interview with me for his media house. I got a yes, which fueled my momentum to approach the other media houses present at the Caribbean Music Summit.

Proudly I can report that in the three-day period which I spent in Barbados for the summit I had the honour of receiving feature interviews with three media houses–Barbados Today, Loop News Barbados, and the popular daytime talkshow, The Mix aired on CBC, simply because I was bold enough to ask!

Beautiful Dreamers Lesson: Be able to Boldly Move Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams and Don’t be afraid to ask! You never know what opportunities await you, if you try!

me on the mix barbados today (2)

Launching Bad Girls Anthem Music Video

slu logo (2)

Although the music track for Bad Girls Anthem, which was produced by Rawl “Rossi” Alcide of Déjà vu studios was released in 2011, it wasn’t until end of 2014, thanks to funding from the video stimulus package presented by Creative Industries, that I was able to embark on a music video project for this edgy riveting pop track.

Working with All Biz Media, with director Guillaume Rico and Bradley Lacan on this music video project was so much fun. I remember how the two had waved off my initial storyboard concept for the music video as not fitting for that song! Hearing their idea, which included whips, chains, candle wax and a high-tech super-hero lair where I would locate perpetrators, I was more than a little excited!


What made the music video project even more special for me, was the fact that I was able to be garbed in attire designed by my long-time friend, Shenelle Jaunaii of Jaunaii Clothing. Back in our days at St Joseph’s Convent, while I’d speak of my dreams of being a world-renowned music artiste and performer, Shen would create clothing designs. We’d often joke about me wearing her designs on the red carpet. So to be able to wear her designs, which were sewed by local seamstress Uris, was, to me, an ode of things to come; of us realizing our fearless teenage dreams!


And so in January, thanks to sponsors, JP Chenet (through distributor,  Saint Lucia Distillers, Azuk Events and Chef Pascal, the launch party for Bad Girls Anthem Music Video was held at Keebees Sports Bar & Grill  in Rodney Bay.

It was a spectacular event and I was truly touched and warmed by the monumental level of support which I received. I am truly thankful to the sponsors, Creative Industries, JP Chenet, Saint Lucia Distillers, Azuk Creatives, Chef Pascal, the management of Keebees, All Biz Media and Nicole McDonald who greatly assisted with the planning of the event.


Beautiful Dreamers Message:
Do you still remember your childhood passion? Remember: “the things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow Them!”

Welcome to Chrycee Musings!

IMG_1270 (2)

Hi there Beautiful Dreamer!

It is with pure delight I that present the very first edition of Chrycee Musings.

A self-professed beautiful dreamer, its no surprise that I am a dream-chaser with an unshakable belief that anything we desire and aspire to is possible if we constantly work towards achieving them, while of course seeking to grow and develop ourselves. Certainly I understand that like every path, the dreamer’s journey will have its share of challenges but I have no doubt that those challenges can be overcome if we consistently try and do.

As such, I dedicate Chrycee Musings to you Beautiful Dreamers and Beautiful Doers,with the hope that each edition, could, in any way possible nudge and encourage you to  move forward on your dreamer’s journey.

With 2015 quickly coming to an end, and 2016 awaiting with new adventures and experiences, I decided to make this first edition a special reminiscent one, taking a look back at the whirlwind year it has been for me personally. I am hopeful that my experiences and changes would ignite in you a fire to dare and to boldly go after your dreams in 2016!

So here’s to us daring to dare and boldly embracing 2016, living our lives in colour, taking on new challenges, acting despite of fear, and taking great leaps!

Cheers to you Beautiful Dreamer