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Easing my way back to Happy

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Last Friday, I woke up feeling slightly tense and a tinge of sadness. I had recently gone through some challenging life experiences, so I was immediately able to recognize those were lingering feelings related to this experience.

In that moment of assessing my internal and physical body as I still layed nestled between the sheets, I knew I had to make a decision which would set the pace for my entire day. I had to self soothe in order to get myself back to a state of calm.

I am not an advocate for false positivity; so I began first by acknowledging how I felt and letting my inner self know that it was ok to feel these feelings. (So often we judge ourselves for having what we perceive as negative feelings which only creates more inner turmoil; so honouring how I feel in any given moment is important.)

Then I asked myself, what do you need in this moment that will make you feel even 5% better or 1% better? What’s one thing you can do right now to soothe your inner being and quiet ego and the inner critic?

Lately, I have been exploring dance meditation and hmm it is so powerful. I knew in this moment that a dance meditation session would help. (The concept of dance meditation as a means of connecting with higher self and universe came to me from reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Witch of Portobello”. )

So after lovingly acknowledging and honouring the feelings, I thanked them for coming up to show me areas that still need to be healed. After that I got out of bed, put on my favorite Goddess dance meditation music on YouTube, grabbed my musical (shak-shak) egg, closed my eyes and danced around—letting the music envelope me. 

I ended with a yoga Sun Salutation that I had learnt from Yoga With JA (instagram: @yogawithja). After that I made myself a wonderful breakfast and indulged while listening to my Goddess Empowerment playlist on Spotify!

To say I felt empowered and at peace is an understatement. I went on to have an amazing day which included a photoshoot in nature in Martinique as preparation for an amazing music project Im here working on. 😬😬

What about you? On this can you easily identify practices that work for you to ease you back to a better feeling place? How do you self-soothe? What’s one thing you can do in moments when you feel less than or down, to raise your vibration?