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#TheBigLeap! A New Chapter

the big leapOn June 30, 2015 I took one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life. I said good-bye to my stable full time job as a Business Development Officer at First Citizens Investment Services in order to pursue music full-time.

To say that this moved scared me, is an understatement. I still remember sitting at my desk in the office two days after I had tendered my resignation and having what could only be described as a panic attack! Fear gripped me as worst case scenarios mainly related to an inability to financially take care of myself, flooded my mind. Was this a mistake? Should I rethink this decision? Was I kidding myself thinking I can pursue this dream full-time?

Yet even amidst my fear and doubts I could not shake off the feeling of destiny and purpose which enveloped me, and the tinge of excitement and content which churned in the pit of my stomach. I realized it is ok to be scared, and to have doubts, but the trick was to use those fears to push  me to act, and to be diligent in pursuing the new path to ensure success.

Beautiful Dreamer Lesson: It is okay to have doubts and to be fearful but you must never allow that fear to cripple you, rather use the fear to push you to work your hardest to succeed! #ActDepsiteYourFear

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