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Welcome to Chrycee Musings!

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Hi there Beautiful Dreamer!

It is with pure delight I that present the very first edition of Chrycee Musings.

A self-professed beautiful dreamer, its no surprise that I am a dream-chaser with an unshakable belief that anything we desire and aspire to is possible if we constantly work towards achieving them, while of course seeking to grow and develop ourselves. Certainly I understand that like every path, the dreamer’s journey will have its share of challenges but I have no doubt that those challenges can be overcome if we consistently try and do.

As such, I dedicate Chrycee Musings to you Beautiful Dreamers and Beautiful Doers,with the hope that each edition, could, in any way possible nudge and encourage you to  move forward on your dreamer’s journey.

With 2015 quickly coming to an end, and 2016 awaiting with new adventures and experiences, I decided to make this first edition a special reminiscent one, taking a look back at the whirlwind year it has been for me personally. I am hopeful that my experiences and changes would ignite in you a fire to dare and to boldly go after your dreams in 2016!

So here’s to us daring to dare and boldly embracing 2016, living our lives in colour, taking on new challenges, acting despite of fear, and taking great leaps!

Cheers to you Beautiful Dreamer


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